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People And Organizations That Are Giving Back To Their Communities

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A Platform for Diverse News, Events and Ads from Home and the Diaspora
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Vonjo Tommy
Vonjo R.

Telenursing: Is It In My Future?

The purpose of this paper is to provide a discussion regarding the question, Telenursing: Is It in My Future? The Accountable Care Act reform that has reformed and expanded health care main focus is to make health care available . . . .Read More

Jugbeh Taplar Kekula
Hans J.

Growing Up as a Black Kid in Nazi Germany

Young Hans, the son of a German nurse and a Liberian diplomat, managed to survive under Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime. "I survived because of a loophole in racial laws. We weren't such a significant number so as to be noticed by the Nazis . . . .Read More

Jugbeh Taplar Kekula

'American Idol' Can't Compete With Liberia's 'Integrity Idol'

Integrity for me means being honest, being respectful, sincere, caring, being truthful, doing things with fairness. So for me as a nurse, what integrity implies in my profession is being honest. . . . .Read More

Kau Lillian Boayue
Kau Lillian

I'M STIL STANDING, My Faith Journey Through Cancer

This is my testimony of faith; of how my faith in God’s promise of healing brought me through an unexpected life-threatening diagnosis (Stage IV Cancer). I faced an impending death sentence of 9-12 months; passed by man. . . . .Read More

Abraham Keita

Liberian Wins Children's Peace Prize for Defending Victims of Violence, Rape

A Liberian teenager was awarded a prestigious international prize on Monday for his role in fighting for justice for child victims of physical and sexual violence in the West African country . . . .Read More

Barkue Tubman

After Exile: Why Barkue Tubman Returned To Liberia To Set Up Her Marketing Firm

Le Dessein's fashion-forward approach helps young girls from Liberia by funding their education and highlighting their design work . . . .Read More

Le Dessien Clothes
Le Dessien

Clothing Line Empowers Liberian Girls with Every Cut of Its Fashion

Le Dessein's fashion-forward approach helps young girls from Liberia by funding their education and highlighting their design work . . . .Read More

Dr. Annette Okai
Dr. Annette

Living With Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Just Got A Bit Easier

We're proud that one of our own MS specialists, Annette Okai, MD, is the first in Dallas-Fort Worth to be certified to infuse Lemtrada. The drug was only recently approved by the FDA. . . . .Read More

Jenneh Corkern

Liberian-born Teen Takes On Global Water Access

"More than 840,000 people die each year from water-related illnesses,” says Jenneh Corkern, 17, when I ask her why she cares about global water issues. . . . .Read More

Benjamin Toles

Chicago's Very Own: Benjamin Toles

Benjamin Toles opened a state-of-the-art aviation facility in Gary, Indiana, that he named after Bessie Coleman – the first black, female aviator . . . .Read More

Alex Cummings

Alexander B. Cummings Jr. of Libera, Executive Vice President and
Chief Administrative Officer of The Coca-Cola Company

In less than 15 years after joining Coca-Cola, Mr. Alex Cummings, originally from Liberia, has risen like a rocket through the ranks to become Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of The Coca Cola Company, a perch from which he controls key areas . . . .Read More

Vivian Doelue

Vivian Doelue, A Liberian Student At Des Moines Area Community College Seeks To Give Voice To The Voiceless

Our story begins in the war-torn West Africa nation of Liberia and winds all the way to Des Moines Area Community College. Your tour guide will be 28-year-old Vivian Doelue. Her story is proof that sometimes the people who best understand our country's promise are. . . . .Read More

MacDella Cooper

“I Left My Baby Behind To Help With The Ebola Crisis In Liberia”

It was almost time for her flight to west Africa, but aid worker Raissa Azzalini still had one task left. She sat down with her baby, Anton, and, for the last time, gave him a breastfeed. "The bags were packed and my mind was already racing . . . . .Read More

MacDella Cooper

Liberia’s Philanthropist MacDella Cooper Gets Global Ambassadorial Position

Liberia’s philanthropist, MacDella Cooper has been selected among thousands of woman and men around the world as Global Ambassador for IMPACT Leadership 21 . . . .Read More

Cathy Stephens

Back Home to a Hero's Welcome After Fighting Ebola in Liberia

She returned to a hero's welcome. Katie Meyler, named along with other health workers by Time Magazine as one of its persons of the year, is back home in Bernardsville, New Jersey. . . .Read More

Cathy Stephens

Going Back to Liberia:  Dr. Nicole Cooper Plans to Return Home

Working in a country stricken by the Ebola virus had enabled Cathy Stephen to recount firsthand experience of the deadly disease that has killed thousands.. . . .Read More

Dr. Nicole Cooper
Dr. Nicole

Going Back to Liberia:  Dr. Nicole Cooper Plans to Return Home

Nicole Cooper, a resident physician training in internal medicine and pediatrics at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital, West Africa's Ebola epidemic is tangible. Cooper, a Liberian-American, plans to return to Monrovia, Liberia's capital, after finishing her training next year. . . .Read More

Hester Curry

In Liberia, ADRA Distributing $110,000 Worth of Supplies to Ebola Survivors, Victims

Redemption is a public hospital providing free medical care to the people of New Kru Town in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. The Ebola epidemic killed 112 people at this health facility. . . .Read More

Sebastien Renou

170 Leave for Sierra Leone and Liberia to Fight Ebola

Redemption is a public hospital providing free medical care to the people of New Kru Town in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. The Ebola epidemic killed 112 people at this health facility. . . .Read More

Adenah Bayoh

Liberian Civil War Escapee-Turned-US Entrepreneur Named to Advisory Council of Federal Reserve Bank

Adenah Bayoh immigrated to the U.S. when she was just 13, escaping a civil war in her native land, Liberia. She put herself through college by working three jobs, one of which was as a teller for a bank . . . . Read More

Ebola Orphans
Wilmot &

Joye Collins Phillips Returns To Liberia, Where Ebola Has Changed Life -- Perhaps Forever

"Ebola, Ebola, Ebola -- that's all I hear." Those were the words a Liberian child said to Joye Collins Phillips before Phillips left her home there in October and came to Helena to visit her brother Wilmot Collins.. . . Read More

Ebola Orphans

Ebola Orphans Abandoned At Christmas

The children had been left to fend for themselves despite a multi-million pound international appeal to raise funds to help and despite promises from the Liberian government that they would be helped . . . Read More

Dr. Rick Sacra
Dr. Rick

American Doctor Who Recovered From Ebola Will Return To Liberia

A doctor from Massachusetts who came down with Ebola while volunteering in Liberia will return to West Africa in January to resume medical work, the missionary group he works with said on Wednesday... . . . Read More

Prayer service

Missionaries Return To Ebola-Stricken Liberia

A missionary couple from Indiana flew back to Liberia last week, undeterred by the Ebola virus that's still ravaging parts of West Africa. . . . Read More

Prayer service

Chinese-Built Ebola Center Dedicated in Liberia

Family and friends joined Justin and Comfort Yarngo and their daughter Cherie at their home for a prayer service. They prayed to our Lord and Savior for the safe return of their son-in-law, husband and father of 2., Mr. Edward Wortman. . Read More

Prayer service

A Prayer Service for Mr. Edward Wortman

Family and friends joined Justin and Comfort Yarngo and their daughter Cherie at their home for a prayer service. They prayed to our Lord and Savior for the safe return of their son-in-law, husband and father of 2., Mr. Edward Wortman. . Read More

Garmai Sayon

Wish To Do More In Ebola Fight Meets Reality In Liberia

Garmai Sayon endured more than anyone should have to bear. First, her husband died at the Ebola treatment center here, falling ill after rushing to help a stranger who had collapsed in their village . . Read More

Ebola Orphans

Millions Raised for Thousands of Ebola Orphans in Africa

Ebola has killed more than 5,000 people in three West African countries, but it has also orphaned thousands of children. This has aid organizations scrambling to care for them, in addition to fighting a disease . . Read More

Charles Martin

Prayer Service for Liberia - A Charles Levi Martin Ministries Event

A Paryer Vigil and Intercessory Service for Liberia, The West African Region, The United States and The Thrid World. Service was held at the Delaware Valley Baptist Church, 493 Beverly Rancocas Road, Willingboro, NJ 08046, James Betner, Pastor.. . View Videos and Images

Trace Garley

American Fights for Liberia's Orphans Despite Her Own Ebola Scare

Talk to Katie Meyler for 30 seconds and you understand why children love her. The 32-year-old from Bernardsville, New Jersey, is as effervescent as a shaken bottle of soda, with an infectious laugh and boundless energy.. . Read More

Trace Garley

Young Detroit Business Woman Donates 10% of Sales to Help Fight Ebola Crisis in Liberia

Tracey Garley came to America from Liberia when she was 11 years old. "I've been here since then, went to school, graduated from Michigan State and I have a upscale boutique in downtown Detroit . . Read More

Esther Tokpah

War-torn Liberia already had Too Many Orphans. Then Came Ebola.

MONROVIA, Liberia — Berlinda Clark arrived by ambulance at Redemption Hospital, a hellish holding center for the sick and the dead. Also in the back of the vehicle was the corpse of her mother . . Read More

Fatu Kekula

Badass Woman of the Day: Liberian 22-year-old Saves Family from Ebola

This is what resilience looks like. Fatu Kekula is a 22-year-old Liberian nurse-in-training who saved three out of four relatives who were struck by the Ebola virus. ". . . Read More

George Weah

Soccer Star's Song Tries to Raise Ebola Awareness

MONROVIA— He is one of Liberia’s most popular citizens: George Weah, the former striker of Italy’s AC Milan who was named the world’s best soccer (football) player in 1995. ". . . Read More

Ben Town Children
Ben Town

Barnstable Students Make An Impact On Children In Liberia

The tiny one-room schoolhouse in a West African village is a world away from Barnstable Intermediate School on Route 28. The connection between the two schools, however, is imprinted with the initials "BIS" on the wall of the cinder block building in Ben Town, Grand Bassa County, Liberia.". . . Read More

Lorenzo Dorr

A Liberian Health Worker Aims To Keep Ebola Out Of His Rural Region

Lorenzo Dorr is facing one of the most important challenges of his career as a Liberian health outreach worker: trying to keep Ebola from taking hold in the southeastern part of the country. ”. . . Read More

Ebola Patient

Liberian Children Receive Hope, Food From Man With Ties to Ellis County

In a destroyed airport in Liberia, a Grand Prairie man with ties to Ellis County felt like he had come home. In 1999, Andy Perkins visited Liberia with International Gospel Outreach. The country was in another civil war. “Everything was burned to the ground,” Perkins said. “There was not a piece of motorized equipment anywhere. People had to push the stairs up to the plane and unload the luggage by hand.”. . . Read More

Barkue Tubman
Rev. Jakes

New Pastor From Liberia Using His Past To Help Others

He had previously worked in a hospital and he had witnessed families torn apart and children who were enlisted into the forces. He saw the trauma it caused. Even without a war, Voker said trauma can occur in people’s lives and, as the new pastor at First United Methodist Church, 745 Main St., he plans to help people through that trauma.. . . Read More

Barkue Tubman

Barkue Tubman Creates Peace Cafe To Foster Youth Entrepreneurship

As a result of Liberia's civil unrest Barkue Tubman, the granddaughter of the late and distinguished former President of Liberia, William V.S Tubman Sr, moved to the U.S. in 1980. But even after several years of schooling in the land of dreams and building a very successful career as a talent manager in a male dominated music industry in the U.S. . . . Read More

Vickie Jackson

Run For Liberia

Vickie Jackson, the founder of Run for Liberia, is determined to make a difference in the ongoing struggle to provide aid to our brothers and sisters in Liberia. Vickie was born and raised in Liberia. In 1990, she fled her beautiful and beloved country to escape the 14-year civil war that massacred more than 250,000 of her brothers and sisters . . . Read More

Dr. Olu Menjay
Dr. Olu

Ricks Offers Scholarships Worth US$120,000

The principal and chief administrative officer of Ricks Institute, Rev. Dr. Olu Q. Menjay, on Sunday, June 29, disclosed that the institution during its 2013/2014 academic school year, provided scholarships valued at US$120,000 dollars to several 'deserving' students . . . Read More

Remember holding her baby
& baby

The Trauma That Remember Can Never Forget

In a quiet room off a busy thoroughfare in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital, a teenage girl sits twisting her hands in her lap and trying not to catch my eye. Her name is Remember*, she is 15, and the daughter she conceived with her uncle, a man in his late 30s, is almost two. . . Read More

Kim Miller
Kim Miller

Lakota Graduate Takes Next Step to Liberia

“I’m very nervous about the traveling process, I haven’t traveled that much around the world,” Miller said before leaving for three months of training. “I’m not nervous about assimilating into the culture or the language – the national language in Liberia is English.”. . . Read More


British Charity Street Child is Helping Teenage Mothers Like Princess to Survive in one of Liberia's Largest Slums

Princess Mayers sits on a wooden bench under the shade of a corrugated zinc roof in one of Liberia's largest slums. She faces a narrow beach, but the yellow sands are no paradise. . . Read More

Saran Jones
Saran Jones

Making Clean Water A Reality: FACE Africa's Saran Kaba Jones Talks Africa's Water Crisis & Empowering Women With GlobalGrind

In 2009, after setting out to sponsor education in her native Liberia, Saran Kaba Jones noticed a major impediment to quality education for children . . .

Read More

Korto Momolu
Korto Momolu

Liberian Fashion Designer: Korto Momolu, 'Project Runway' Star Brings African Inspired Designs to the World

Korto Momolu is a fashion designer who was the first-runner-up and was voted “fan favorite” on the fifth season of the then-Bravo TV show “Project Runway.”. . .

Read More

Nora Musu
Nora Musu

Award-Winning Liberian Artist Nora Musu Signs to DW World Media

Liberian visual artist Nora Musu teams with PR firm to expand reach within, and beyond, the arts community and to inspire aspiring female artists.. . .

Read More

Liberian Orphans

Liberian Orphans Thriving A Decade After Adoption By North Carolina Family

Oprah calls it one of her all-time favorite stories. In 2003, Lysa TerKeurst and two of her daughters attended a performance by a boys' choir at their church in North Carolina .. . .

Read More

Naklee Brisbane

The Ward Educational Fund - Thirteen Years of Promoting Science Education

Since 2000, the Ward Educational Fund has provided educational programs to hundreds of students in Liberia, West Africa and the United States. Beginning with 24 college students. . .

Read More

Soloe Dennis

Soloe Dennis, Makes His Mark In Public Health, MS ’07

Soloe Dennis received his B.S. in Environmental Science from UMass Amherst in 2005 and his M.S. in Public Health with a concentration in Environmental Health Sciences. . .

Read More

Naklee Brisbane

The Naklee M. Brisbane Sickle Cell Memorial Fund

Naklee M. Brisbane Sickle Cell Memorial Fund, Inc. is dedicated to educating people about sickle cell disease and early detection . . .

Read More

Children Village

U.S.-Based Liberian Charity Gives to Less Fortunate Pupils

A United States based Liberian charity New Hope Children Village has distributed assorted educational materials to unprivileged school children here, valued at US$50,000 . . .

Read More

Children Village
Gerard Butler

Action Star Gerard Butler Bonds With children On Charity Trip To Liberia

Gerard Butler, the Hollywood actor, has visited Liberia to see for himself the work of Scottish charity Mary's Meals . . .

Read More


Elmwood Park Couple Adopts Liberian Orphans

Thanks to good-hearted couple Christopher and Naomi Langkamp of Elmwood Park, a pair of orphans living in Africa are now experiencing lives they never could imagine . . .

Read More

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