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Death Announcement, Memorial Servicie, Standards Ad, Banner Ad and Business Portfolio

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Categories, Pricing and Credit Card Security

Please use the drop down menu on the right to display the available options in each category. We know customers are concerned about credit card security. We use one of the worlds largest funds transfer agencies - PayPal. If you choose to use a PayPal account, your personal credit card information will not be given to Global Media Buzz.

Death Announcement/Memorial Service
  • Text with Photo

    Post a simple death announcement/memorial service with a message and a photo of the deceased.

  • Text with Slideshow

    Post a death announcement/memorial service that includes a gallery/slideshow of images.

  • Text with Video

    Post a death announcement/memorial service that includes a video and an optional gallery/slideshow of images within the announcement.

  • Important - Please contact Global Media Buzz by email at globalmediabuzz@gmail.com and send the following information:

    • Death Announcement/Memorial Service
    • Wake and Funeral Arrangements
    • Contact Information
    • Directions
    • Photo of the deceased (jpeg, png or gif format)
    • Directions
    • Suggested Hotel Information

    Please send the information in the body of the email or as a MS Word or Google Docs attachment.

    If you have listed a Death Announcement with us, Thank You Notes are posted at no cost to you.

Name of Deceased:
Standard Ad
  • Text

    Display a text ad or bulletin.

  • Image

    Display an image ad.

  • Text with Image

    Display a text ad or bulletin that includes an image.

  • Image with Page

    Display an image ad that links to a custom page created for you. The ad page will be hosted and maintained on this site.

Name of Person/Company:
Banner Ad
  • Main Page

    Display a banner ad on the Main Page above the main menu.

  • Main Page (Top)

    Display a banner ad at the top of the Main Page in the animated image slideshow.

  • News Page (Top)

    Display a banner ad at the top of the News Page in the animated image slideshow.

Name of Person/Company:
Business Portfolio

Purchase a custom-built page for a one-time fee that gives your business a presence on the internet and introduces your products and services to an international audience.

Your Business Portfolio page will be hosted, maintained and updated on this site without any additional charges.

Price: $350

All purchased ads will be displayed for a minimum of two weeks.

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