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Vendors Selling

Can the Liberian Government Protect Citizen Rights in the Dark?

Liberia's Land Rights Act has not moved through the legislature two years after it was submitted
Recently, the Liberian government arrested senior officials caught in a scandal . . . .Read More

Henri Wilson

Ebola Quarantines Lead To Civil Rights Lawsuit

A group of Liberians and Yale law school students filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state of Connecticut Monday, alleging Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's quarantine order during the 2014 Ebola . . . .Read More

Fombah Sirleaf

Director of Liberian National Security Agency, Fombah Sirleaf, Sues NJ State Police For False Arrest and Racial Profiling

When the Ebola epidemic reached its peak in Liberia in September 2014, Tina Williams was 14 years old, five months pregnant, and feverish. She had been raped and abandoned by her boyfriend. Now she lay in bed shivering . . . .Read More

Harry Greaves Body

The Ebola Rape Epidemic No One’s Talking About

When the Ebola epidemic reached its peak in Liberia in September 2014, Tina Williams was 14 years old, five months pregnant, and feverish. She had been raped and abandoned by her boyfriend. Now she lay in bed shivering . . . .Read More

Harry Greaves Body

The Mysterious Death Of Prominent People Frightens Diaspora Liberians

We are confused about events back home, where people are being mysteriously murdered in cold blood in our Country nowadays, the security situation in our country is worrisome, we don’t know what is really happening in our country. . . .Read More

Twin Towers

The Twin Towers of Monrovia

Monrovia’s battered appearance belies its status as the capital of Africa’s oldest republic. The city center is defined by crumbling three story buildings disfigured by war and worn from relentless tropical rains. . . .Read More

Cindor Reeves

Deported Refugee Fears For His Life In Liberia

Canada knew when it began deportation proceedings against Cindor Reeves in 2011 that it might have been sending him to his death.. . . .Read More

Liberian Child

LIBERIA: Ritualistic Killings On The Increase, Four Years Old Child Head Completely Cutoff

The cutlass that reportedly used to cutoff the head of this child is being display beside the victim, while the doer of this heinous crime is still at large. . . .Read More

Sampson Cojolo

Grand Theft

Patricia Stuward and Sampson Cojolo were charged with grand theft, a third-degree felony, and Tanor Tody was charged with attempted grand theft, a third-degree felony. All three said they were from Monrovia, Liberia, according to Fostoria Police Department. . . . .Read More

Henry McCabe's Widow

A Community, Family Mourn Henry McCabe. His Drowning Remains An Unsolved Puzzle

More than 500 people gathered at the Brooklyn United Methodist Church in Brooklyn Center on Sunday, December 19 to bid farewell to the late Henry McCabe. It was an emotional day for family members . . . .Read More

Ebola Orphans

World Bank Approves US$27 Million Energy Agreement for Rural Liberians

The World Bank has approved a new US$ 27 million financing agreement meant to increase access to affordable, reliable electricity and foster the use of renewable energy in Liberia . . . .Read More

Ebola Orphans

Ebola Orphans In Liberia Rebuild Lives With New Families

Twelve-year-old Meama rarely drags her gaze away from the ground as she recalls living alone and relying on food from neighbors to survive after her mother died of Ebola . . . . Read More

Liberian and US Passport

OP-ED: Dual Citizenship as The Law of The Land: A Myth or a Reality?

Recently, the idea of granting dual citizenship to nationals of African nations has become a contentious issue. Even those from countries that already recognize some form of dual citizenship are flirting with the idea . . . . Read More

Liberian Police

Are Liberian Police Ready for Security Handover?

The U.N. Mission in Liberia said everything is set to handover security matters to the Liberian government. The government will assume full responsibility of security . . . . Read More

Bradley's Adopted Son

White Mom’s Open Letter To Protect Adopted Liberian Son: “To The White Parents Of My Black Son’s Friends”

Maralee Bradley wrote the controversial piece to share the steps she has taken to ensure the safety of her Liberian son . . . . Read More

President Sirleaf

“The Country Is Bleeding”

Take a visit to Liberia and see the tragedy – county-is-bleeding-fb, the lack of leadership, and the get rich quick and steal what you can steal from government mentality that hovers over the country.
. . . . Read More

Weak Econolgy

Liberia: Economic Growth Slows On Weak Currency

Growth has slowed drastically in Liberia on the combination of a weak currency, high inflation and low commodities prices. The economy would have grown as much as 7 percent in 2014, but the damage caused by the Ebola epidemic . . . . Read More

Christmas Devil

Liberia's Dancing Christmas Devils Could Give Krampus A Lesson In Niceness

The Liberian dancing devil, also known as a bush devil in modern Liberian English, springs from the spiritual world of the Poro "bush" or secret societies . . . . Read More

in Africa

Why Corruption Is Holding Africa Back

If you live in Liberia, arranging to see a doctor might unfortunately not be as simple as booking an appointment. Seven out of 10 people in the country say they have had to pay bribes to access basic services like healthcare. . . . Read More


Rise in Ritual Killings, Witchcraft Trials as Perpetrators Go Unpunished in Liberia

Liberia must tackle a widespread culture of impunity for perpetrators of ritual killings and trials of ordeal and put its human rights obligations before such traditional practices . . . . Read More

Sirleaf and Azevedo
Sirleaf &

World Trade Organizatin Welcomes Liberia As New Member

Liberia has become a new member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), adding to the number of least developed countries that have joined the organization . . . . Read More

Musa Bility

FIFA Candidate Musa Bility Said to Be Barred Over Financial Concerns

Liberia’s Musa Bility was barred for standing as a candidate to succeed FIFA President Sepp Blatter after financial irregularities were found during the organization’s background check. . . . . Read More

Siaka Toure

“Aminata & Sons Untouchable ” - Say Insiders of Company’s Link to Dome Higher–Ups

The government insiders, speaking on condition of anonymity, named several instances in which Aminata & Sons either “violated” the law or “defrauded” the government, but the company was never prosecuted. . . . . Read More

Kormassa Gbobawollie

Liberian Woman Killed by Vehicle at Newark International Airport

An investigation is underway into a pedestrian fatally struck by a vehicle at the Newark International Airport on Monday evening. . . . . Read More

Marathon Runners

Handful of Liberians Running to Prove a Point About Ebola

There’s a saying in Liberia: When wartime comes, the foot will help the body. On Sunday, Liberians lined up at the ELWA hospital compound were invoking this favorite phrase to help explain . . . . Read More

P Boakai
Boikai &

Liberia’s VP Seeks to Succeed President Sirleaf in 2017

Liberia’s Vice President Joseph Boakai said he’s running to succeed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the 2017 presidential election. He said he will be running on the Sirleaf government’s record . . . . Read More

Dr. Mills Jones and VP Boakai
Jones &

2017 Presidential Race Is Between Boakai And Jones - Member Of The Senate Predicts

As Liberians pondering over as to who to feature in the upcoming 2017 general and presidential elections as their President, a member of the Liberian Senate has publicly predicted . . . . Read More

Brandon Nyekan

Brandon Nyekan Named NCCAA Student-Athlete of the Week

The NCCAA National Office announced that Freshman Brandon Nyekan was named the NCCAA Division II Student-Athlete of the Week on Tuesday for Men's Soccer . . . . .Read More

College Students

Liberian Students Get Scholarship U-turn After Journalist Reports Funding Collapse

A Liberian journalist taking part in the Foundation's Wealth of Nations programme has helped force a U-turn after he reported on dozens of students who had had their funding cut by Liberia's national oil company, NOCAL . . . . .Read More

VP Boakai

Liberian VP Thanks Minnesotans for Support During Ebola Crisis

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai’s visit to Minnesota, from October 21-26, included meetings with State officials and the Liberian communities in Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center. . . . . .Read More

Washing Hands

Want to Fight Ebola? Help Liberia Invest in Toilets

Want to Fight Ebola? Help Liberia Invest in Toilets. Preventing epidemics in the developing world starts with a focus on basic hygiene. . . . . .Read More

Theddus Family

Statesless in Liberia

This weekend the world meets to commit to the Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. For 10 million stateless people worldwide this will continue to be a dream as long as they are denied the nationality of any country . . . . .Read More

Esther Glain

How This Shocking Photo Brought Violence Against Women To Light In Liberia

Liberia is seeing a surge in trade as it recovers from an Ebola epidemic that killed thousands and virtually halted economic activity for months, the manager of the country’s sole container terminal said in an interview Tuesday . . . . .Read More

Christine LaGarde and Pres. Sirleag

Liberia’s Port Shows Surge in Trade as Nation Recovers from Ebola

Liberia is seeing a surge in trade as it recovers from an Ebola epidemic that killed thousands and virtually halted economic activity for months, the manager of the country’s sole container terminal said in an interview Tuesday . . . . .Read More

Christine LaGarde and Pres. Sirleag
Lagarde &

China’s Economic Slowdown Take Toll on Liberia

MONROVIA, Liberia—This West African nation, which the World Health Organization this month declared Ebola-free, is facing a new threat: China’s economic slowdown. . . . .Read More


Liberia Leader Fires Security Official Accused of Assault

Liberia’s president fired her deputy security chief after social media erupted in outrage over allegations that he and his men beat a woman and stabbed her with a glass bottle . . . .Read More

Samuel Doe
Samuel Doe

25 Years After His Demise, Samuel Doe Continues To Cast A Long Shadow Across Liberian Politics

In 1980, Samuel K. Doe, a 28 year-old Master Sergeant, assumed power in Liberia in a blaze of glory. In a surprise night-time attack on the Executive Mansion overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Doe and his accomplices brutally murdered President William R. Tolbert Jr, ending 133 years of rule . . . .Read More


Twelve Years After Taylor’s Removal, Instability Still Plagues Liberia

While the lingering effects of the Ebola crisis have dominated coverage of Liberia for over a year, the country is quietly approaching a number of precipices. A convergence of political, religious and international factors on the horizon has the potential to destabilize Liberia . . . .Read More

Young Liberian Entrepreneurs

Young Liberians Summit Challenges Youth to Change Country for the Better

On Saturday, August 22nd, the Young E’nnovative Leaders of Liberia held its fourth annual Young Liberians Summit in Sacramento, California. Among the attendees were a panel of guest speakers including Randall Dobayou Massaquoi, MacDella Cooper . . . .Read More

Decontee Sawyer with baby

Hear My Story, I'm a Girl Who Got an Education

Education has done so much for me. It has made it possible for me to break the shackles of fear, pain and trauma and it has given me a new energy . . . .Read More

Decontee Sawyer with baby

After Long Year of Grief, Life Edging Back to Normal for Twin Cities' Liberian Immigrant Community

Decontee Sawyer thumbed through a worn photo album recently at her Coon Rapids duplex. She stopped at a photo of her husband, Patrick, hugging her pregnant belly. . . . .Read More

Musa Bility

African Football Leaders Won't Support FIFA Presidential Bid by Liberia's Musa Bility

The African Football Confederation has declined to back Liberian Football Association president Musa Bility in his bid to stand for the FIFA presidency . . . .Read More

Senator Prince Johnson

Senator Prince Y. Johnson Picks Boakai

At long last Senator Prince Yormie Johnson of Nimba County has publicly declared his support for the Presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai ahead of 2017 . . . .Read More

Dohama Williams

Liberian Man Fatally Shot In Ewing, New Jersey

Township resident Dohama M. Williams, 68, was fatally shot in the 200 block of Greenland Avenue around 9 p.m. Sunday. Police found the man lying on the ground . . . .Read More

Mayor Mvogo
Clara Mvogo

Two Liberian Lawmakers Deny Making Huge Salaries

How’s this for unlucky timing? Clara Doe Mvogo was inducted as mayor of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, in March of last year. Right about the same time, the country’s first cases of Ebola were confirmed. . . . .Read More

Stansted Airport

Two Liberian Lawmakers Deny Making Huge Salaries

Two Liberian lawmakers have denied allegations that they make too much money while ordinary Liberians struggle daily to make ends meet. It is estimated that members . . . .Read More

Stansted Airport

Dozens of Liberian Fathers Among Migrants to be Forcibly Deported

Men with strong family ties to the UK are being forcibly removed on ghost flights, leaving pregnant partners and young children behind . . . .Read More

African Footballers
Palm Oil

Liberians 'Pressured To Sell Land' For Palm Oil Plantations

Communities in Liberia are being pressured to sign away their land to make way for palm oil plantations, according to a campaign group . . . .Read More

African Footballers

Young African Footballers ‘Trafficked’ To Laos

Six minors are still with top Laos side Champasak United, after it imported 23 under-age players from West Africa to an unregistered football academy in February, a BBC investigation found . . . .Read More

VP Boakai and Min Ngafuan
VP Boakai &
Min. Nguafan

Ngafuan’s Declaration For Presidential Bid 2017 Creates Mixed Feedings, Uncle Vs. Nephew

As the tenure of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf draws closer in 2017, dozens of Liberians are again trying their political maneuvering to once again convince thousands of Liberian electorates for the nation’s highest office, the presidency. . . . .Read More

Mr. Gbolo and Family
Mr. Gbolo
& Family

A Farmer Reclaims Liberian Roots in New Jersey

Mr. Gbolo is one of the few farmers in the ethnic-crops business who allow the homesick to come and pick their own vegetables. Most farmers sell their produce directly to wholesalers and ethnic restaurants . . . .Read More

Wellington Zaza

Liberian Athlete And Former Garnet Valley Track Star Sets Sights On World Championships

In late August, Zaza heads to China to compete in the World Championships in track for his native Liberia. He moved to America with his family when he was 5, to escape the country's civil war. . . . .Read More

Charles Brumskine

Liberia’s Brumskine Outlines Vision for 2017 Presidential Bid

Liberia’s next presidential election is in 2017, but candidates are already lining up to succeed Africa’s first female elected president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and hopefully dethrone the ruling Unity Party . . . .Read More

Vickson Korlewala

Benoni Urey Is Determine To Rule Liberia, Criticizes Diaspora Politicians

“This is our home, this place called Ganta is where we were chased by helicopter guns, we are back to our homeland,” these were the words of Benoni Urey during his visit to Nimba County few days ago.. . . . .Read More

Vickson Korlewala

One Year Later: Liberian Chemist Reflects On Trauma Of Arrest

Vickson and Lorpu Korlewala were thrown in jail on charges of robbery in 2014. The charges have been dropped, but their still feeling the trauma of their arrest . . . . .Read More


Two More Liberia Ebola Cases As Guinea, Sierra Leone Log 27

Two more Ebola infections have been confirmed in Liberia, putting the number of recent cases at 5, as the outbreak region reported its highest weekly total since the middle of May—30—which the World Health Organization (WHO) said overshadows new gains.. . . . .Read More

Ebola Workers

Liberian Health Officials Suspect Shared Dog Meat Meal Played A Part In Ebola Resurgence

Liberia confirmed a third Ebola case on Thursday, nearly two months after it was declared Ebola free, and officials said they were investigating whether the disease had managed to lurk in animals before resurfacing.. . . . .Read More

Health Workers

2nd Ebola Case Declared In Liberia As Health Workers Protest

MONROVIA, Liberia — Health workers stormed the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, demanding benefits as Liberia confirmed its second case of Ebola, seven weeks after the country was declared free of the virus. . . . .Read More

Health Workers

More Than 100 Had Contact With Liberian Teen Who Contracted Ebola

Liberian health officials confirmed that two more people have become infected with Ebola after coming into contact with a 17-year-old boy who died from the virus on Sunday.. . . . .Read More

Un Peacekeepers

Sex and UN Peacekeepers: Tens of Thousands of Liberian Women Involved?

A study cited in a just-published evaluation of the ugly problem of sexual exploitation by U.N. peacekeepers calculates that as many as 58,000 women in Monrovia, Liberia, alone engaged in prohibited “transactional” sex . . . . .Read More

Takun J
Takun J

Takun J Stirs The Liberian Streets With Calls For Justice And Accountability

Takun J, currently the most popular musician in Liberia, bounds on to the stage at his downtown Monrovia nightspot, 146, on a recent Friday night. Brimming with energy and sporting camouflage pants . . . . .Read More

Hydroelectric DContract

DAWNUS Wins £40M Liberian Hydroelectric Contract

Swansea-headquartered construction group Dawnus has won a contract worth almost £40m for works at a hydroelectric plant in Liberia . . . . .Read More

George Weah Jr.
Weah Jr.

George Weah Junior Finally Gets Chance To Emulate Famous Father

The eldest son of Liberia's former World Footballer of the Year George Weah will get his first chance to emulate the international career of his father at the start of the 2017 African Nations Cup qualifiers this weekend... . . . .Read More

Dr Donald Kaberuka
Dr. Donald

Highway Linking Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire Begins Soon - Dr. Kaberuka

African Development Bank (AfDB) outgoing President, Dr Donald Kaberuka, has disclosed that the Bank will soon begin the process of constructing a highway linking Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire.. . . . .Read More

Varney Sirleaf

Protesters Invade Liberia Palm Oil Plantation, Injure Official

Armed protesters entered a palm oil plantation in southeastern Liberia, taking several people hostage and injuring a senior government official, police officials and the company that owns the project said on Wednesday . . . . .Read More

VP Boikai
Vice President

Vice President Boakai's Presidential Bid Stirs Liberia's Political Waters

Liberian political water is getting hotter each day following the declaration of Liberia's Vice President, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai of his readiness to contest the 2017 presidency with several reports . . . . .Read More

Tom Frieden

Lassa Fever Kills New Jersey Man After Trip To Liberia

A New Jersey man died last night after been diagnosed with Lassa fever - a frightening infectious disease from West Africa that is rarely seen in the United States, a federal health official said... . . . .Read More

Togba Porte and Augustus Tucker
Porte &

Morgue Workers In Alleged Hustle To Use City Property For Funeral Business

Two workers at a city morgue have moonlighted as funeral directors — allegedly using city time, equipment and facilities to store and handle their corpses... . . . .Read More

Nurse with protective gear

As Liberia Takes Stock of Ebola Triumph, Fleeing Patients Set Back Sierra Leone's Battle; Cases Rise

Sierra Leone on Wednesday berated the "selfish and shameful" behaviour of people risking a resurgence of the Ebola virus by flouting quarantine restrictions, as authorities announced a spike in cases.. . . . .Read More

Bindu Quaye

Liberia Did It! Victory as country declared Ebola-free — story of the Nightmare, and Triumph

The UN health agency has declared Liberia Ebola-free, hailing the "monumental" achievement in the west African country where the virus has killed more than 4,700 people. . . . .Read More

Liberian man with Ebola sign on his back

Think Again: Why did Liberia beat Ebola before Guinea or Sierra Leone?

Interruption of transmission is a monumental achievement for a country that reported the highest number of deaths in the largest, longest and most complex outbreak since Ebola first emerged in 1976. . . . .Read More

Christopher Vambo

Is This Man Responsible for the Murders of 5 American Nuns?

GARDNERSVILLE, Liberia — More than 20 years ago, a terrible crime bloodied this suburb of cinderblock homes, dirt-floor stores and lush green bush grass. Five American nuns were killed when a vicious battle swept through the town during Liberia's civil war . . . .Read More

American Nun

Unsolved Killing of Five American Nuns in Liberia an Open Case Again

n October 1992, five American nuns were killed during brutal fighting in Liberia's civil war. The FBI mounted an investigation, but no one was ever arrested, and the case was considered closed. . . . .Read More

Liberian Military Band

Liberia's Military Tries to Remedy Tension Over Ebola Quarantine

MONROVIA, Liberia — The chief of staff for the Armed Forces of Liberia, Brig. Gen. Daniel D. Ziankahn Jr., hung up his navy blue suit, put on a bright yellow jersey and shorts, then bounded toward a sandy field. . . . . .Read More

A woman that bleached her skin

Ivory Coast Bans Skin Lightening Products

According to the Ivorian Ministry the ban is mostly targeted at the skin whitening products containing mercury and its derivatives, cortisone, vitamin A and more than two percent hydroquinone, a lightening agent that is mostly used to develop photographs.. . . . . .Read More

Benoni Urey

Benoni Urey: USC Graduate and Former Los Angeles Resident Poised to Run for Liberian Presidency

Benoni Urey, who, as a young man, once studied at the University of Southern California, and graced the very streets of; Los Angeles, is set to compete for the Liberian Presidency come 2017.. . . . . .Read More

Benoni Urey

Presidential Hopeful, Benoni Urey, Wants Liberia To open Up To Jewish Financing and Technological Innovations

Liberia's Presidential hopeful, and the country's richest man, Benoni Urey is hoping to reverse this trend and personally engage the Jewish community in a bid to offer them lucrative and risk shielding investment opportunities in Liberia.. . . . . .Read More

Liberians Celebrate

Liberia is FREE of Ebola: Thousands gather in the streets to celebrate after country is given all clear from disease that killed 4,700

Thousands lined the streets of the Liberian capital today to celebrate the country being declared free from deadly Ebola, which killed 4,700 people in the west African country . . . . . .Read More


A Plant in Liberia That Only Grows Near DIAMONDS

A thorny and palm-like plant in West Africa could soon become a diamond hunter's best friend. That's because the plant seems to grow only over rock that may contain the precious stones, scientists have discovered . . . . . .Read More

James Toliver
James Toliver
& Justices

Western Lawyers Go Back In Time To Repair Liberia's Broken Legal System

Restoring the rule of law requires exacting sacrifices. Compiling an index of antique court reports takes years of dedication. For Liberia, however, it has been legally liberating. . . . . .Read More

Karin Landgren

Security Council Hears Liberia Briefing As Country Anticipates Being Declared 'Ebola-Free'

Liberia is expected to be declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization (WHO) within the week if no more new cases of the disease are discovered before then, the top United Nations official in Liberia said today as she briefed the Security Council. . . . . .Read More

Ambassador Sulunteh

Liberian Ambassador Sulunteh To Give Gwinnett College Spring Keynote Address

The Republic of Liberia Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh will give the keynote address at Georgia Gwinnett College's Spring Commencement Ceremony. More than 420 students who have earned their degrees will graduate on May 14 at 10 a.m.. . . . . .Read More

Donald Payne
Pres. Sirleaf &
Bill Clinton

Former US Leader Clinton Praises Liberia Progress On Ebola

Former President Bill Clinton said Monday he was pleased to see Liberia's progress in the fight against the deadly Ebola disease, and urged residents of the West African nation to support those who survived.. . . . . .Read More

Donald Payne
Pres. Sirleaf &
Bill Clinton

Former US Leader Clinton Praises Liberia Progress On Ebola

Former President Bill Clinton said Monday he was pleased to see Liberia's progress in the fight against the deadly Ebola disease, and urged residents of the West African nation to support those who survived.. . . . . .Read More

Donald Payne
Donald Payne

MEDIA ADVISORY - Immediate Release

Congress man Donald Payne, with Senators Robert Menendez and Cpru Booker Offices, to Hold Ebola-Related Immigration Workshop. Eligible nationals of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone may apply for protection from deportation and for work permits. . . . . .Read More


CDC Cautions Against Unprotected Sex With Ebola Survivors

US health officials are now recommending people avoid contact with the semen of Ebola survivors after a woman in Liberia contracted Ebola through sexual intercourse with a survivor of the disease . . . . .Read More

Louise Karluah

Barway Collins' Birth Mom, Louise Karluah, Thanks Minnesota Community

The birth mother of 10-year-old Barway Collins thanked Minnesotans for their concern about her son's case, but declined to answer questions at a brief news conference Thursday afternoon... . . . .Read More

James Koryor

Missing Elementary School Teacher, Edward Wortman, Found Dead In Woodbridge

WOODBRIDGE – An elementary school teacher who went missing six months ago has been found dead in a heavily wooded area of Colonia, according to police.. . . . .Read More

James Koryor

Police: Boy Dies After Liberian Father Got Drunk, Left Him in Hot Car

James Koryor, 41, was taken into custody on suspicion of manslaughter and child abuse Tuesday after he went to a liquor store with his 2-year-old, bought a bottle of gin, drank it on the way home and fell asleep inside his house, detectives say. . . . .Read More

James Verdier

Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Chief Vows Intensified Effort

The chairman of Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has said under his leadership the commission will not just investigate alleged corruption cases, but will see to it they are fully prosecuted. . . . .Read More

Liberian Protesters

Liberians Ask International Community to Pressure Government to Prevent Human Trafficking

The Government of Liberia (GOL) through the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has decided to relocate the Palm Grove Cemetery that is widely known as “Center Street Graveyard.” . . . .Read More

Liberian Protesters

Liberians Ask International Community to Pressure Government to Prevent Human Trafficking

The Government of Liberia (GOL) through the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has decided to relocate the Palm Grove Cemetery that is widely known as “Center Street Graveyard.” . . . .Read More

Palm Grove Cemetery
Palm Grove

Palm Grove Cemetery To Be Relocated

The Government of Liberia (GOL) through the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has decided to relocate the Palm Grove Cemetery that is widely known as “Center Street Graveyard.” . . . .Read More

Konstantin Yaroshenko

Liberia Could Break Up Over Move To Make It A 'Christian Nation', Say Protesters

A proposed amendment to the constitution of Liberia which would declare the West African republic a Christian state is dividing faiths and has the potential to harm communal relations . . . .Read More

Konstantin Yaroshenko

Russia's Top Law Enforcement Agency Launch Criminal Case Against Four Liberian Citizens And 11 US Agents Over Pilot Kidnapping, Torture

Investigators launch criminal case against four Liberian citizens and 11 US DEA officers, alleging they are complicit in a sting operation that ended in the detention and trial of Russian citizen Konstantin Yaroshenko . . . . .Read More

Drug Smuggling
Hip Hop

Liberia's Nightlife Is Back Post-Ebola

During the Ebola epidemic, many Liberians stayed home out of fear or curfews, but now nightlife is flourishing again in Monrovia. . . . .Read More

Drug Smuggling

Local and National Groups Help in Search For 10-Year-Old Liberian Boy in Crystal, Minnesota

The push to find a missing 10-year-old boy from Crystal remained strong Friday as national and local groups offered help to solve his disappearance . . . .Read More

Drug Smuggling

Liberia Sees Resurgence In Drug Smuggling As Ebola Wanes

On a sultry March afternoon at Liberia's newly-opened northwestern border, drug enforcement agent Octavius Manning scrutinises cars as they roll across the bridge from Sierra Leone..... . . .Read More

Church Service

Christians, Muslims Divided Over Liberia's State Religion

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) -- President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's son, who just suffered a defeat in Liberia's Senate elections, is not ruling out a run for his mother's job.... . . .Read More

Robert Sirleaf

Robert Sirleaf Is Not Ruling Out His Own Presidential Bid

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) -- President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's son, who just suffered a defeat in Liberia's Senate elections, is not ruling out a run for his mother's job.... . . .Read More

Gloria Scott

Liberian Constitutional Conference Approves ‘Christian Nation’ Recommendation

A four-day long National Constitutional Review Conference ended Thursday in the central Liberian city of Gbarnga with a recommendation to make Liberia a "Christian nation."... . . .Read More

Dardar Gaye

Muslim Protest at the National Constitution Conference: "Liberia Will Never Be A Christian State"

Delegates at the ongoing National Constitutional Conference in Gbarnga, Bong County woke up Wednesday morning with distraught and surprise when the Muslim Community of Bong County stormed the grounds of the Gbarnga Administrative building in protest,... . . .Read More

Dardar Gaye

4 Trenton Men Accused In 2011 Slaying Of U.S. Army Veteran From Liberia Reject Plea Deal, Face Trial in Trenton, NJ

TRENTON — Four Trenton men accused in the 2011 slaying of a U.S. Army veteran from Liberia rejected final plea deals from prosecutors Tuesday and will face trial early next year... . . .Read More

Barway Collins

Police Named Liberian Dad, Pierre Collin, Seen Sobbing At Vigil For Missing Son, 10, A Suspect In His Abduction

'Barway's Father has not been truthful': Police named dad, Pierre Collin, seen sobbing at vigil for missing son, 10, a suspect in his abduction as they suggest he may be with his mother in Liberia document.. . . .Read More

Ebola Worker

Could Sex Have Brought Ebola Back to Liberia?

The World Health Organization and the Liberian government say they are checking into the possibility that a woman infected with Ebola virus caught it from a survivor she was dating. . . .Read More

Charles Taylor

We Need A War Crimes Court In Liberia Now

For their crimes against the Liberian people and nation, all of them should be put on trial and jailed (if convicted). . . .Read More

Orlando Bloom

Hollywod Star Orlando Bloom Visits Ebola-Ravaged Liberia

Orlando Bloom is just back from a four-day visit to Liberia where he visited students and leaders in Ebola-affected communities . . .Read More

Charles Taylor

Court Tells Former Liberian President to Serve War Crimes Sentence in Britain

The special court for Sierra Leone has denied the former Liberian president Charles Taylor's request to serve his 50-year sentence for war crimes in Rwanda, rather than Britain. . . .Read More

Leon Nimbley

Liberian Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting 16-Year-Old Girl in Trenton, NJ

Medecins Sans Frontieres humanitarian organization claims that governments of Ebola-hit African countries and global health institutions have failed to act early and prevent the spread of the deadly Ebolavirus.. . . .Read More

Ebola Workers

Medecins Sans Frontieres Accuses World of Failing to Stop Ebola Virus Outbreak

Medecins Sans Frontieres humanitarian organization claims that governments of Ebola-hit African countries and global health institutions have failed to act early and prevent the spread of the deadly Ebolavirus.. . . .Read More

Beatrice Yardolo
& Weah

Prince Johnson Predicts 2017 Ticket

They formed an alliance in 2011 and went to the poll, but failed to obtain the 50 percent plus one of the total votes cast in the election, like all 22 parties that went into the race as required by the Constitution of Liberia, which resulted to a runoff . . . .Read More

Beatrice Yardolo

Liberia Has Confirmed a New Case of Ebola

Liberia has confirmed a new case of Ebola, undermining growing hopes in the country that it might soon be declared free of the disease.. . . . .Read More

George Weah

The 10 Most Powerful Men In Africa 2015

Africa’s top heavy hitters remained resolute and relentless in their mission to leave an indelible mark while making a difference in the daily lives of people on the continent and in the diaspora. . . . .Read More

Ebola Health Workers

Families of Liberian Health Workers Killed by Ebola Get $5 Grand

Liberia's government has begun making payments to the families of health workers who died of Ebola in the world's worst ever outbreak, an official said Thursday. . . . .Read More

Stopping Rape

Communities May Be Key To Stopping Rape In Liberia

Can lessons from the Ebola response in Liberia now be applied to tackle Liberia's seemingly intractable rape crisis? One of the main lessons learned might indeed be applicable: communities are central to a successful response . . . . .Read More

Slennah Beyan

Liberians Regret Use of Cremation

In Liberia, they call it Decoration Day, a time of pain, celebration and memory when people visit graveyards to honor their dead, cleaning the graves, whitewashing them or painting them in bright colors... . . . . .Read More

President Sirleaf
Ellen Sirleaf

Liberia to Offer Financial Aid to Companies Affected by Ebola Crisis

Before the epidemic erupted last year, Liberia's economy was projected to grow 5.9% annually. But the outbreak ground it to a halt, as construction projects stalled and companies fled the country.. . . . . .Read More

President Sirleaf
Ellen Sirleaf

Liberian Leader Concedes Errors In Response To Ebola

The president of Liberia acknowledged on Wednesday that she had erred in ordering a tough security crackdown at the height of the Ebola crisis last year, describing the deadly virus as an "unknown enemy" that had frightened her. . . . . .Read More

Relatives Weep

Liberia Holds Church Service For Ebola Victims

Liberians held a church service Wednesday for Ebola victims to mark the country's 99th National Decoration Day, a holiday normally set aside for people to clean up and re-decorate the graves of their lost relatives. . . . . .Read More

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