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Making A Difference:

Charity Distributes Assorted Education Materials Valued at $50,000

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U.S.-Based Liberian Charity Gives to Less Fortunate Pupils

Written by Lewis S. Teh - The New Dawn

Marie and Myer
Myer & Marie

A United States based Liberian charity New Hope Children Village has distributed assorted educational materials to unprivileged school children here, valued at US$50,000. The group said the donation is intended to motivate less fortunate youths to remain in school and forward their education.

Speaking at Hotel Africa in Virginia, Montserrado County, the Executive Director of the New Hope Children Village, Madam Marie Torbor said, the objective is to improve learning condition of school children.

I noticed that many children loiter all around with no intent of going to school; our coming here is to make sure that the unprivileged are taking from the streets and place [in] a good care where they will acquire good education in the country.

The charity distributed educational materials to four schools in Logan Town, including the Elder John Massey High School; Bweh Kea Tae Elementary and Junior High School, the Monrovia Consolidated School System, and the Harmful Grace Academy Elementary school, respectively on Bushrod Island. Items donated include textbooks, pencils, and other educational materials.

"I myself was an unprivileged child before and I came from a Muslim background, because of this I have decided to give help to the same place where I came from and not to sit and allow them to suffer just because their families don't have the hand to sponsor their education", she said.

Madam Torbor said the New Hope Children Village was founded in 2005 and has embarked on its humanitarian mission since 2011. The Executive Director said the group is non-political and has no intention of taking governmental jobs, and would not act in a way to make the public feels it has political ambition.

Madam Torbor, who disclosed plan to construct a clinic and a community college in Sinoe County and other parts of Liberia, said: "We will not only be in Montserrado, because every child in the rural area needs help and this is what brought us from the States to make sure that our fellow citizens and their children are well taken care of."

Beneficiaries of the Charity

For his part, the Principal of the Monrovia Consolidated School System in Logan Town, Solomon Bartee, who received the gesture, thanked the New Hope family for the donation.

Please click here for a color copy of their Brochure.

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