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Making A Difference:

The Ward Fund fulfills its mission by providing scholarships and internships to students ages 3 to 30 from Liberia, West Africa and the United States

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Vicetor E. Ward


Thirteen Years of Promoting Science Education

Since 2000, the Ward Educational Fund has provided educational programs to hundreds of students in Liberia, West Africa and the United States. Beginning with 24 college students, the Ward Fund now serves over 700 students ages 3 to 30. The Fund has grown into a multi-program organization that delivers services through the University of Liberia, the Ward Academy, the Ward Early Childhood Development Program and the GEMS (Girls Empowered through Mentorships) Program.

College Scholarship/Resource Center Programs

The Ward Fund fulfills its mission by providing scholarships and internships to students pursuing a degree in the sciences, particularly in chemistry. Additionally, we provide educational aids, including textbooks, notebooks, reference books, and graduation fees to graduating students. We have been at the helm of science education at the University of Liberia since our inception, providing lab supplies, scientific calculators and solution manuals for the chemistry department. We have provided lab equipment valued at more than $25,000 and over 8,000 books, and we operate a small Science Resource Center on the Fendell campus of the University of Liberia. Through our professional development program, we send college graduates to the US and African countries for conferences and workshops.

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The Ward Academy

The Ward Academy of Science and Technology for Girls is a vibrant elementary and early learning School that offer classes from Nursery through 4th grade. Our mission is 3-fold:

  • To teach girls to become critical thinkers and problem solvers by giving them a strong academic foundation that focuses on math, science and reading;
  • To prepare girls for the world of technology at an early age; and
  • To produce young leaders with moral character who believe in democracy and are tolerant of others.

We have up to 85 students in any given school year and employ a staff of 13 persons.


The goals of the mentorship program are as follows:

  • Increase girls' sense of self-worth; improve girls' perspective toward education, especially in the science fields;
  • Help girls develop and define their short term and long term goals; and
  • encourage social awareness through community service projects; build positive relationships and support networks with adults and peers.

The Ward Fund is grateful to Labdoo Switzerland, S4 International, Liberian Entertainment Awards, W.B. Mason Whatta Bargain, Gateway International Christian Church and several individual donors who help to make our educational programs possible.

Contact Information

(703) 944-9725

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