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Making A Difference:

The Naklee M. Brisbane Sickle Cell Memorial Fund is Dedicated to Enhancing the
Care and Quality of Life of Individuals with Sickle Cell Anemia

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The Naklee M. Brisbane Sickle Cell Memorial Fund

Naklee M. Brisbane Sickle Cell Memorial Fund, Inc., is dedicated to educating people about sickle cell disease and early detection.We are dedicated to spreading awareness among the public in America, as well as Liberia, West Africa where Sickle Cell is prevalent.

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Enhancing the care and quality of life of individuals with Sickle Cell Anemia

Naklee Massah Brisbane was born on November 14, 1998. She went to heaven on January 30, 2009. Naklee was born with Sickle Cell (SC) Disease.

Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited condition that can cause many health problems. A person with Sickle Cell Disease is at risk for a variety of complications including pain crisis, infections, acute chest syndrome, stroke, splenic sequestration (spleen fills with blood), gallstones, leg ulcers, vascular necrosis, kidney dysfunction, etc.

Sadly during one of her many visits to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Naklee lost her battle with Sickle Cell due to complications at the age of 10 years old.

Naklee’s love for education, the arts, coupled with her compassion, love and caring nature for all people especially children was what inspired her mother. Garmai Luckie, mother of Naklee established a 501c (c) tax exempt, Non-Profit organization The Naklee M. Brisbane Sickle Cell Memorial Fund (NMBSCMF) in order to carry on Naklee’s legacy.

The fund organized various fundraising activities including an annual gala to help sponsor different programs. The foundation provides programs in our community in The United States of America and Liberia, West Africa.

  • Educate the community of Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Provide awareness for early detection of Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Provide toys and gifts to hospitals and specialty care centers for children suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Collaborated with partners to organize a Sickle Cell Anemia March in Liberia, West Africa
  • Support the Naklee M. Brisbane Center for children, youth and adult development in Liberia, West Africa

NMBSCMF making donations to the Hematology Children Hospital of
Philadelphia Specialty Care Center in Voorhees, New Jersey

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From left to right: CEO, Garmai Luckie, Event coordinator-Ennajee Brisbane & Hospital representative

NMBSCMF) making donations The Bristol Meyers Squibb Children’s Hospital at
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (BMSCH@RWJUH) in New Brunswick,
New Jersey’s Pediatric Hematology Department

From left to right; Mrs. Bruce, Hospital representative,
Garmai Luckie (CEO) and Ennajee Brisbane (Event coordinator)

Feeding the community at The Naklee M. Brisbane Center
on 24 Street Liberia, West Africa


Liberia, (2013) Sickle Cell Awareness March

Collaborating team, Dr. Venee Tubman, Mr. Michael Wotoson, The Naklee M. Brisbane Sickle Cell Memorial Fund and The BeBe BorBor Massaquoi Sickle Cell Memorial Fund.

Naklee M. Brisbane Academy, 24 Street Sinkor: Providing high-quality Education


Music and Arts Department: Students playing the piano

Raising Awareness at various fundraising gala

In 2010 Garmai Luckie yearned to make an impact on a society that was broken and vulnerable; and so she returned to her roots in Liberia. She packed her bags and headed for Liberia with the idea of opening a branch of the non-profit organization in Naklee’s memory. The branch’s office is located in Sinkor, Monrovia, on 24th Street. The center is called the Naklee M. Brisbane Center for children, youth and adult development. Opening the new center came with many challenges, but Ms. Luckie persevered. Today, the center is up and running with three departments:

  • The Sickle Cell Memorial Fund
  • Music and Art Department
  • Education department
    • Early Strong Start Program
    • Kindergarten
    • Elementary
    • Special Need Program

In an effort to reach the masses, Ms. Luckie expanding the program to include an Adult Literacy Program scheduled to commence in 2014.

In 2010, Ms. Luckie began the Music and Art Department which is one of the first of its kind in Liberia since the Civil War. The center teaches all ages how to play musical instruments such as the piano and guitar. The center also teaches creative drawing, painting as well as vocal lessons. She has been a true partner to the parents and the community of 24th Street. Her vision, drive and commitment continue to give high-quality education to the future generation of Liberians.

Although Naklee is no longer here to carry on her dreams of education and the arts her mom is going to champion them on her behalf. Ms. Luckie knows that she has a duty to stay committed to Naklee’s legacy so that other children will benefit from what Naklee would have achieved here on Earth.

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