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Liberians residing in the United States, including the states of Washington, Atlanta Georgia, Queens, Maryland and New York have expressed fear of these developments where innocent people are being murdered in cold blood and not one arrest has been made.

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The Mysterious Death of Prominent People Frightens Diaspora Liberians

February 5, 2016

Carrying Harry Greaves' body

“We are confused about events back home, where people are being mysteriously murdered in cold blood in our Country nowadays, the security situation in our country is worrisome, we don’t know what is really happening in our country,” a US based Liberian in a chat with our staff in the state of Atlanta Georgia over the weekend pondered over security situation in his home country.

Some others Liberians residing in the United States, including the states of Washington, Atlanta Georgia, Queens, Maryland and New York have expressed fear of these developments where innocent people are being murdered in cold blood and not one arrest has been made.

“I am personally frightened of the news about the mysterious killings taking place back home. We don’t know what the Liberian Government is doing to bring an end to this ugly situation. How can we go back home to contribute our quota when people lives are been taken away for common?” Aaron Tarpeh who resides in the state of New York disappointedly asked.

For Saralyne Mulbah of the state of New Jersey who tearfully spoke to our staff, expressed regret of the brutal murder of Mr. Harry Grieves who she said she once worked with at the LPRC, condemned the action of the murderers, and called on the Liberian Government to speedily bring those linked to the murder of her former boss to justice.

Augustine Flomo, a resident of Philadelphia speaking on the issue, blamed the Liberian Government for all of these unwanted situations happening in Liberia, noting, “The Government of Liberia must be held responsible for not taking punitive action against murderers who find pleasure in taking away the lives of others.”

The brutal murder of Mr. Harry Greaves brings to two the number of prominent individuals, including a Nigerian Banker who in less than two weeks have mysteriously been discovered dead, and up to date no arrest has been made by security authorities in Monrovia.

Harry Greaves' body on the beacg

These kinds of brutal occurrences in Liberia questioned the role of our security in the protection of the lives of the innocent, and also wonder as to what will really happen the day United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) leave Liberia completely. Can you imagine UN is on the ground in Liberia and all of these unwanted things are happening, Liberia will once again turn to another bloodbath the day this multi-peacekeeping force leave.

According to report, Mr. Harry A. Greaves Jr., former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) untimely death came when his driver reportedly dropped him off at the RLJ Hotel off the Robertsfield highway last Friday evening.

According to reports, Mr. Greaves reportedly instructed his driver to wait for him, that he would be right back, as the night lingered, investigators say, Mr. Greaves did not return from the hotel. The driver, investigators say reportedly slept in the car until the next morning.

According to Investigators from the Liberia National Police, Sunday, the next day, some of Mr. Greaves belongings were found on the beach behind the hotel as search commenced for his whereabouts. Mr. Greaves’ wife and family were reportedly notified that he had gone missing since Friday as Police mounted a search for the former LPRC boss’s body to no avail.

Report further said, Mr. Greaves late Saturday night was pronounced missing, by 10am Sunday a call was place on his cell phone, and during that time, a man picked up the phone and when asked whether Mr. Greaves was around, he replied: “Mr. Greaves is indisposed at the moment”.

A local daily, FPA later gathered that the man who picked up Mr. Greaves’ phone was an investigator at the Liberia National Police where Mr. Greaves belongings found on the beach, including his cellular phone, were in the possession of the LNP as part of an ongoing investigation.

A day after his remains was discovered at a beach behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a few kilometers from where the body of Cllr. Michael Allison was discovered last year.

Cllr. Allison was a former consultant to the National Oil Company of Liberia, who was reportedly aiding the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) to probe a corruption scandal. A pathologist was brought in from neighboring Sierra Leone to determine the cause of death which was later determined to be death from drowning.

A female friend of Mr. Allison told investigators at the time that the two of them had gone to the beach “around late evening hours,” when Allison decided to swim in the ocean. A few minutes later, she said, she saw him drowning. As friends, family and well-wishers descended on the beach where Mr. Greaves’ body was discovered Sunday, speculations similar to that of Cllr. Allison’s death filled the air.

Harry Greaves body with knife wounds

Police Spokesman Sam Collins later told reporters that the body had indeed been identified as Mr. Greaves. “The Liberia National Police through the bureau of public affairs can confirm that the body found on the beach is that of former Managing Director of the LPRC Mr. Harry Greaves. The Circumstances surrounding his death is being investigated. His wife and family members identified the body. We will continue to update the public as we get more information.”

However, FPA, a local daily news paper was able to obtain a close-up photograph of the lifeless body from an eyewitness who arrived on the scene earlier and was among the first group of people to discover the body. Visible wound marks can be seen on Mr. Greaves’ face, chest and the right side of his stomach. (Picture may be disturbing)

Ironically, investigators remain puzzled as to how Mr. Greaves belongings were found on the beach side at RLJ off the Robertsfield highway while his body showed up miles away in Monrovia behind the seat of the Liberian presidency. Mr. Greaves, was one of the key supporters of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and was instrumental on the campaign trail of Sirleaf’s 2005 presidential bid. Mr. Greaves stepped down as economic advisor to the then chair of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) to support Sirleaf’s candidacy. Shortly after Sirleaf’s election, Mr. Greaves was named Managing Director of LPRC.

In September 2009, Mr. Greaves was dismissed by President Johnson-Sirlelaf based on an investigative report submitted by the Henry Reed Cooper committee. The committee was set up to probe reports of flaws, illegality and lack of transparency surrounding a contract that Mr. Greaves, through LPRC arranged with a firm called Zakhem. Mr. Greaves' reign at LPRC was marred by controversy surrounding a Nigerian oil deal in 2006

Since his exit from government, Mr. Greaves remained vocal on issues. In September last year, he led several Liberians in a protest at the Capitol Building against the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, calling for the withdrawal of the regulatory power given to the Ministry by the Liberian Senate in the recently enacted 2015 Electricity bill in Liberia.

In a petition addressed to House Speaker J. Alex Tyler, Greaves urged members of the House to debate a clause in the bill which calls for the regulatory commission to be housed by the Lands, Mines and Energy Ministry. Mr. Greaves death, like his life remains clouded in controversy. A senior Police official told FrontPageAfrica Sunday that an autopsy will likely be carried out on the body in the coming days.

Police initially prevented journalists from viewing the body as several armed Police officers formed a barricade meters away from the body of Mr. Greaves, only allowing immediate family members to get close to the corpse. A little after 12 midday, Police Director Chris Massaquoi arrived and instructed investigators to cover the body of Mr. Greaves.

Source: By Cholo Brooks - GNN Liberia

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