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CDC George Weah is fast becoming the new political Maradona in Liberian politics after the late G. Baccus Matthews.

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Weah: The New Political Maradona

March 20 - By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor - The New Dawn

Christing Tolbert Norman
George Weah

Congress for Democratic Change or CDC George Weah is fast becoming the new political Maradona in Liberian politics after the late G. Baccus Matthews. The party of the former soccer star, which has dribbled many politicians in enticing them into merger talks and later dumping the latter is said to be in yet another merger talk with the Liberty Party of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, a party Weah dumped ahead of the 2011 poll, preferring Cllr. Winston Tubman over the LP leader, this paper has gathered.

According to the reports, leading the discussion from the point of the Liberty Party is Darius Dillon, who currently serves as the policy advisor to the party that is believed to be predominantly Bassa-speaking people, while the CDC is being fully represented by its Vice Chairman for Operations, Mr. Mulbah Morlu.

Yesterday, Mr. Dillon paid a surprise visit to officials of the CDC and held talks with the political leader, Ambassador George Weah, Mr. Morlu, Secretary General Nathaniel McGill, as well as Vice Chairman for Political Affairs, Sidiki Fofana, Youth Advisor Musa Konneh and youth Wing Chairman Jefferson Kojii.

The meeting, which initially commenced in the office of the Secretary General, was held behind closed doors with Ambassador Weah at which time Dillon noted that the two opposition parties had been at each throat for some times, and that now was appropriate for the parties to work together for the common good of the country and its people.

He further emphasized the need for collaboration between the existing political institutions considered the main forces in the opposition to work together so that the presidency will not slip away.

“Let me tell you this-like the Deputy Speaker post for an example, it was taken by a stranger; nobody knew Hans Barchue until he became deputy speaker of the house. All because we were fighting each other- we must put our house in order so that we are well positioned to cook the food and give shares to those we think should benefit and not allow strangers, like in the case of the deputy speaker post, before we beg from strangers,” he said.

The visit of the Liberty Party Strongman was wholeheartedly welcomed by all officials of the CDC. Speaking earlier, Mr. Morlu said that the initiative by Dillon for collaboration between the two parties could tremendously help the process of strengthening both Liberty Party and CDC. Secretary General Nathaniel McGill also noted expressed the hope that the process would yield fruit in the interest of the Liberian people.

Though the discussion with the political leader of the CDC, Mr. Weah was held behind closed doors only attended by CDC officials, information gathered from inside sources revealed that the meeting went well with both individuals toasting, suggesting that their discussions were fruitful.

It can be recalled that the two opposition political parties lately met in Ghana to finalize a united opposition bloc for the 2011 presidential and legislative elections. A communiqué was signed between the two to continue the process of collaboration and continuous consultations.

What the communiqué did not however address was the issue of who to lead the merger- an issue still lingering in the minds of many persons in the country, with huge debates in many quarters of the Liberian society. The political conflict, others believed, led to the failure of the merger of the 2011 presidential election.

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