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Senator Doe-Sheriff Will Contest for the Position of President in 2017

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"I’ll Run For President": CDC's Doe-Sheriff To Challenge Weah

Written by FPA Staff Report - Front Page Africa Online

Senator Doe-Sheriff
Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff

Monrovia - The embattled member of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff of Montserrado County has declared that she will contest for the position of President of Liberia come 2017.

Doe-Sheriff told journalists at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center on Thursday that she would run on the party’s ticket if she gets elected at the primaries.

“Yes, I want to contest. It is good for our country; for this open democracy,” she said.

“I possess all the necessary political will, the criteria and everything to become a standard bearer or president of this country. I think this is my constitutional right and when the appropriate time avails itself, we will be talking about it more.”

‘I’ll take on Weah, Urey’

Senator Doe Sheriff told reporters that she intends to challenge the likes of George Weah and Benoni Urey both harboring presidential ambitions.

“Of course you know I’m still a member of the CDC. If I’ll have to go through a process with the CDC, whoever emerges will be the standard bearer and maybe it will be either me, or ambassador Weah or anybody else. I am a CDCian.”

Commenting on the fracas that led to her being expelled from the party and later pardoned the once CDC strong woman said the issue is in the past and it is time to move forward.

“Those are the ingredients and the spices of politics and democracy. Those things will happen in a political party. We are still here and we are still being political and in the opposition and it’s a good thing for Liberia. These things have happened and it is past,” he said. Doe-Sheriff said she is still the popular within the party and the country, rubbishing claims that she has lost touch with the party.

“I think you are making a mistake when you talk about my popularity in Montserrado because I established the CDC in all the fifteen political subdivisions of the country,” she said.

The CDC strong woman’s comments come almost a year she was granted clemency along with other expelled members of the party, including those who fled to form the Alternative National Congress.

‘Welcome home’

Responding to Doe-Sheriff, CDC youth wing chairman Jefferson Koijee has said that he welcomes the statement made by the Montserrado County senator and said the party is open to all of its members including those who were previously expelled.

“We welcome her statement, even though it has taken a year since the party’s executive committee issued clemency to her and other,” he said.

“On the issue of wanting to be standard bearer of the party, there are machineries in the party that can scrutinize individuals who see it fit to bear the standard of our party. This lies in the purview of the primary of the party. She needs to come to the party headquarters and make that announcement instead of the public.”

He said the party has moved on and those who injured it are welcome to come back and mend fences with the CDC and partisans, who felt betrayed by their actions.

“Benoni Urey and all these people who are expressing interest in the party, I think it is good. The party is open to everybody. The party is now concentrated on the 2014 elections. It is good that she’s coming back. This party is geared towards governing this country, so as such we must be able to go beyond our past.”

With this declaration from the senator, it still remains to be seen whether there will be a true burying of the hatchet finally.

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