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Liberia’s Newest Political Party, the Alternative National Congress

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Liberia’s Newest Political Party, the Alternative National Congress Launched in August

By JKK Peah - The New Dispensation

Kwame Clement
Cllr Kwame Clement

Liberia’s newest political party, Alternative National Congress (ANC) will this weekend be officially launched simultaneously in Liberia and the United States. According to information released by the party, the Alternative National Congress’ twin launching will take place at its Sinkor Headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia and German town, Maryland in the United States on August 17, 2013.

The Alternative National Congress is the brain child for the 2017 Presidential candidacy of Cllr Kwame Clement, a respected Liberian lawyer with legal practice in the United States and veteran television broadcast journalist who was forced to flee his country and moved to into exile for fear of persecution by the then government of President Samuel K Doe. Cllr Clement is the host of “The African World”, a” multi-media news organization that brings Africa to the world. providing original reporting, analysis, perspectives and context so that their audience understands the people and forces shaping Africa for better or worse”.

This newest political party became a full fledged political entity last Month when it was certified by the country’s election commission, joining the several political parties already existing in a small country of three million people. The official launching will be the launch pad of Cllr Kweme Clement’s 2017 presidential ambition, as it is viewed by political observers.

Liberia is Africa’s first independent nation and elected the continent’s first female President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

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