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Benoni Urey told a gathering at local tea shop that he will be the next president of Liberia, saying he is confident that results from the polls in October 2017 will hand the mantle of state power in his hand

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'I Will Be the Next President' - Benoni Urey

April 29, 2014 The Analyst

Benoni Urey
Benoni Urey

Though, the year 2017 for general and presidential elections in Liberia is still far; but those seeking the mandate of Liberians are not playing jokes with their quest, as the newest Liberian politician joining the bloc of presidential hopefuls, businessman Benoni Urey, is not compromising his desire for the nation's highest seat, the presidency.

Businessman Urey told a gathering at local tea shop, the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions (CEIO) in Monrovia over the weekend, that he will be the next president of Liberia, saying he is confident that results from the polls in October 2017 will hand the mantle of state power in his hand.

The Liberian businessman is very confident of his victory at the polls; he informed Liberians that he has taken up the challenge after mustering the courage and doing critical analysis of both the political and development needs of Liberia and Liberians.

Urey said he was joining the race to the presidency not to seek a mere job or collect salaries; but his quest, he said, grew out of conviction and compassion to lead the nation from its current state of economy, political, social, justice and education doldrums to a space of national prosperity in which all will have equal opportunity.

Liberia, according to Mr. Urey, is far back behind Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Serra Leone and countries in terms of national development and economy advancement.

Urey, a senior partisan of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change CDC, is a well respected Liberian farmer and business tycoon. He observed that Liberia today does not represent Liberia of yesteryears of its independence in the world, noting that to see the country transform from its current state of backwardness, Liberians need to develop the consciousness of moving away from voting individuals to power based on their emotions, connection and relationship .

Rather, the presidential hopeful elucidated that Liberians need to vote for people on their ability, willingness and passion to see Liberia transform rapidly.

Boasting that he was proud to be a mobile phone scratch cards seller and a farmer, Urey noted that condemning those who are entrusted with national leadership will not help Liberians to transform the nation but by engaging national leadership constructively will lead Liberia to the place that every citizen is praying to see Liberia reach.

The newest Liberian politician believed that it's best to have Liberians contribute to national discussion by engaging their leaders with respect rather than to condemn them as it was in the case of some Liberians in addressing issues.

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