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"I will not support Weah because of his inconsistency'' The Nimba County Senator classified Weah as one who cannot be trusted, because of his erratic political nature, noting "he was appointed Ambassador while he was living in Europe."

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June 9, 2014 - Written by New Republic

Senator Prince Johnson
Senator Prince Johnson

A non-judgmental fact in politics is that what one does or says is often used against him positively or negatively. In Liberia, this affirmation is being proven as a truly demonstrated characteristic of politics. Politicians, whether new or old, are on record for indulging into act of vacillation. They say one thing and do another thing the next day. Others will argue such is the unguent of politics, but for Senator Prince Johnson, a politician for that matter, it is mere political delinquency. He made reference to Congress for Democratic (CDC) political leader, George Manneh Weah, whom he claimed has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate inconsistency in his political sojourn. Reporter Christopher Seton of our staff was at the occasion where Senator Johnson made the assertion.

Nimba County Senator, Prince Yormie Johnson, has unleashed verbal attack on the person of the political leader of the Congress for Democratic, Ambassador George M. Weah, referring to him as an inconsistent political figure.

On the basis of Mr. Weah's alleged unpredictable character, Senator Johnson says it would be difficult to give him (Weah) his support.

Those strong assertions about Mr. Weah's political deportment were contained in his remarks during the petitioning program of Mr. Christopher Neyor held in the Township of Johnsonville.

"I will not support Weah because of his inconsistency,'' the Nimba County lawmaker indicated to the hearing of hundreds of citizens drawn from several parts of Montserrado County to partake in the glamorous occasion.

The Nimba County Senator classified Weah as one who cannot be trusted, because of his erratic political nature, noting "he was appointed Ambassador while he was living in Europe."

He did not further elaborate as to how his living in Europe and being appointed ambassador is an act of inconsistency or untrustworthiness.

It surprised many at the occasion that Senator Johnson chose to direct his statement at the person of the CDC political leader who was not at the occasion, but others were quickly reminded of Mr. Weah's candidature in the Senatorial race for Montserrado County, as Mr. Neyor is.

Weah who has indicated his intention to contest the race to the Senate for Montserrado County is considered as one of the favorites, should his CDC party put him forth as its candidate.

Records from the two past elections in 2005 and 2011 showed that the CDC has a very strong bastion of support in Montserrado County, than in any other county.

Recently, the CDC declared Montserrado County a no-fly zone for Ambassador Weah; an indication that the rest of the candidates should consider themselves losing contenders.

However, Senator Johnson who is seeking reelection in Nimba, pledged to support Mr. Neyor in his senatorial bid for Montserrado County.

According to him, he will rally all supports from his constituents to ensure the election of Mr. Neyor, former Head of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL).

"Mr. Neyor has helped me greatly in establishing my foundation in the country; as such, I stand ready to campaign for him," he said as reasons for weighing support behind him.

Mr. Neyor is petitioned to contest the Senatorial seat for Montserrado County for what his people-centered and vision-oriented depositions.

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