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Van Vicker and his investors are willing to  provide ‘firm power’ using a hydroid system technology to help stabilize and provide clean green energy 247/365.

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Van Vicker Moves to Power Ghana and Liberia

Source: Vibe Ghana

Van Vicker
Van Vicker

Ghanaian actor, with a Liberian heritage, Van Vicker had the opportunity to visit Liberia, recently.

As part of his 10 days official visit, he had the opportunity to meet with the Minister of Land Mines and Energy, Hon Patrick Sandolo and presented a proposal that together with his financial partners are willing to provide ‘firm power’ using a hydroid system technology to help stabilize and provide clean green energy 247/365.

According to him, he and his investors are willing to build a system and enter a 20 years PPA at no initial cost to the nation; the minister is carefully taking a proper look at the proposal.

In a chat with Razz newspaper, he said that he’s making enough efforts to meet the Minister of Energy here in Ghana and possibly the President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama to discuss alternative ways of upgrading Ghana’s energy sector.

“Everything has to be taken step by step. The Liberia and Ghana energy proposals are being worked on simultaneously. We know the various authorities in charge and we have engaged in talks and are following the right procedures. At the right time, will let the public know what will become of our pursuits and its exploits” Van intimated.

Speaking about some of the activities which went on apart from meeting the Liberian Minister of Energy, he said “I also went to advocate with the ‘Crusaders For Peace’ and ambassador, Julian Endee, in unison with the Ministry of Health to petition the house of representatives, particularly the Liberian senate, to pass the Mental Health Bill, because, by statistics, about 40% of Liberians suffer from various mental issues.

The petition was presented to the house. They welcomed the presentation and promised to fast track the passing of the bill since they believe it’s in the interest of the Liberian people.” Van Vicker also made a revelation that his foundation ‘van Vicker Foundation’ has scheduled a health outreach program with a team of about 20 doctors from the United States of America for Liberia in June /Oct 2014 to render free medical care worth over $200,000.00 to Liberians around the country.

Not leaving his area of interest out of the visit, he also used the opportunity to audition and source for Liberian talents to be part of his next Sky + Orange Productions. Most of the talents he discovered will have the opportunity to star in the part 2 of his movie titled ‘Bendu Sudan’ an old Liberian myth. He promises that this film will also address a few social issues of Liberia.

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