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Deacon Tilmon Emmanuel Bailey

Fayah J. S. Gbollie

We, the Bailey, Tolbert, Mcgill, Williams and Graham families, sadly and mournfully announce the death of Deacon Tilmon Emmanuel Bailey which occurred on Thursday, January 9, 2014.

Tillman was born at Maternity Center Hospital in Monrovia on October, 29, 1947 and lived in Bensonville, Liberia.

He was pre-deceased by his mother-Edna Tolbert-Bailey and father-Wesley N. Bailey Sr. along with his two older brothers, Leonard and Ernest. He is survived by his daughter, a younger brother-Wesley N. Bailey Jr., sisters-Esther Bailey, Emma Bailey-Dixon, Saynon Freeman-Crusoe, Aletha Bailey-Dewalt, Lorraine Bailey-Yartor, Edna Bailey, Mietta Freeman, Siatta Freeman-Sherman , aunts-Facia Demey, Kula Tolbert , uncle-Daniel Tolbert, many cousins, a host of nephews and nieces and a corps of dedicated and amiable friends.

He was a wonderful individual who was very altruistic and loved life.

We will miss him dearly, but God decided to call him to his rest at this time especially with the physical and medical impediments that have begun to overwhelm him.

May he now rest in God’s eternal love.

Esther Bailey 301- 326-3111
Lorraine Bailey-Yartor 011-231-888720825
Saynon Freeman-Crusoe 925-565-0043
Wesley Bailey 732-299-1101
Mietta Freeman 240-398-6135
Siatta Freeman-Sherman 011-231-886514943
Funeral and Wake
Date: Saturday, January 25, 2014
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Zion Praise Baptist Church
  Bensonville, Liberia
Location: Zion Praise Baptist Church cemetery
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