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Death Announcement: Rest In Peace

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Jlator Nah Gewleh

Jlator Geweh

Sunrise: April 14, 1958
Sunset: December 12, 2013

Mr. Jlator Nah Gewleh of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, passed away today, December 12, 2013, after a brief illness.

Mr. Gewleh was past Chairman, National Krao (Kru) Association in the Americas (NKAA), and a graduate of Devry University. Mr. Gewleh was also a doctoral candidate in the School of Public Policy and Administration, Walden University. He will be missed. May his soul rest in peace.

Please make financial contributions to Wells Fargo Bank #1219502067 – Jlator Nah Gewleh’s Memorial Fund.

Mr. Alphonso Daniels Chairman, National Krao Association
in the Americas (NKAA)
Ms. Tarloh Quiwonkpa Chairlady, Minnesota Chapter, NKAA 651-724-4528
Rebecca Johnson Grigsby Sister 704-236-1977
Elenor Wleh Cousin
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh Friend 770-896-5873
Boniface Sarwieh Friend 404-246-2972


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