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Death Announcement: Rest In Peace

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Counsellor Joseph E. Williamson, Sr.


Counsellor Joseph E. Williamson, Sr.

The Williamson, King, Minor, Mayson, Bestman, Kumeh and Smith families regret to announce the home going of Counsellor Joseph E. Williamson and at the same time are happy to inform that after almost two years of separation, festivities are being held in observance of the celebration of reunion between Joe & A.B.. After 54 years of earthly togetherness, their joy is now COMPLETE & FINAL He peacefully passed away on Thursday, December 5, 2013, at 09:45 GMT at his home in Caldwell, Liberia.

The late Counsellor Williamson is survived by six biological and several God and adopted children including Ambassador Henry D. Williamson, Mrs. Nyenowleh Edwina Williamson- Sheldon, Mr. Joseph E. & Kirsten Marie Williamson, Mrs. Saydah Williamson & Stephen Taylor, Mr. Joel Eric Williamson, Mrs. Marconi Williamson, Mrs. Roselyn Williamson, Ms. Pamela King, Mrs. Johnetta A. Stewart, Mr. F. Musah Dean, Mr. & Mrs. Emmett Fiawoo, Ms. Matenneh Dunbar, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Snetter, Mrs. Oretha Simpson, Mr. Robert Gbienqueh, Mrs. Raddie E. Perry, Ms. Janjay Benson, Mrs. Sarah Karpeh, Mrs. Helen Banda, Mrs. Maude Cox, Mr. Sami A. Wahab, Mr. Max Dennis, Mr. Charles Gaye, Mr. Herbert Banda, Ms. Vivian Bambara, Mrs. Fatu Clarke, Mrs. Comfort Chenoweth Warner, thirteen grandchildren(Mercy, Maeshen, Catherine, Emma, Moloweh, Augustus, Samuel, Yasheka, Baby Joe(BJ) Eric, Jr., Jew, Ethel and Stephen), seven great grandchildren, and thirty-one specially adopted daughters of different nationalities. Also to mourn his loss are several sisters and brother-in laws including Jewel Amelia Smith, Catherine Spiller, Emily Reeves, Henrietta King, Henrietta McCauley, Ellen King-Henri and Esther King,, Williametta Williamson, Christian King (Gertrude), Victor King (Vera), Lafayette King, and Clarence King), several nieces, and nephews(Sylvester, Aaron, Olivia, Julia, Yeahne,Zondea, Maggie, Henry) and cousins including Charles & Comfort Minor, E. Hosea & Edith Minor, Cornelius &Hawa Minor and S. Alexander & Leona Minor and Dew Tuan-Wleh& Roberta Mayson. One special sister-friend, Dr. Maya Angelou and a host of other relatives and friends. Counsellor Williamson was pre-deceased by one brother, Hon. H.CiceroWilliamson(former First Deputy Speaker) and three sisters, Elizabeth, Nancy and Maggie.

Funeral Arrangements are as follows:
Removal from the Stryker Funeral Home
Date: Friday, December 27, 2013
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Date: Friday, December 27, 2013
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Funeral Service
Date: Saturday, December 28, 2013
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Location: St. Peter's Episcopal Church
Interment Follows
Location: St. Peter's Episcopal Church Cemetery

Repast will be held on the grounds of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Caldwell

Few tributes will be permitted during the funeral services; therefore, anyone wishing to pay tribute to the memory of the deceased may do so through e-mail no later than December 15, 2013 to the following email addresses:

Henry Williamson 443-416-6887 itchdee21@yahoo.com
Edwina Sheldon 443-744-0898 edwinasheldon2001@yahoo.com
Joseph Williamson 410-240-8151;
Saydah Williamson-Taylor 0888530511 saydahtaylor@yahoo.com
Kirstten Williamson 443-528-0297 k123188@aol.com
Joel Eric Williamson 410-265-5173 jericwmson@aol.com
Marconi Williamson 443-740-1672 marconiwllsn@yahoo.com
Johnetta Stewart 0886510061 libmonkeygirl@yahoo.com
Christian King 0886-223217 zondea@hotmail.com
Charles Minor 0886470883 caminoriii@aol.com
Charles & Seweah Snetter 0886679876 snettercas@yahoo.com
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