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Death Announcement: Rest In Peace

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Hawa Kpakah AKA Annette Johnson

Hawa Kpakah AKA Annette Johnson

The Kpakah and Zinnah/Kamara families announce with profound regrets, the death of Miss Hawa Kpakah of Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. This sad event occurred on Saturday, December 28, at 6:30 PM., at the Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA after a period of protracted illness. The late Hawa Kpakah is survived by two children, Emmanuel Jalloh and Rebecca Diggs Johnson; three brothers, Ibinyansi Gbessay Kpakah, Elton Momo Kpakah, and Emmett Zinnah Kpakah; two sisters, Ma Zoe Musu Kpakah and Watta Kpakah. Hawa is also survived by several uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandchildren, other relatives and friends of Liberia, America, and other parts of the world.

Hawa Kpakah

Funeral arrangements of the late Miss Hawa Kpakah will be announced later. All friends and organizations/associations wishing to sympathize with the bereaved family may do so by calling the following persons:

Mr. Ibinyansi G. Kpakah Brother 301-466-5103
Mr. Elton M. Kpakah Brother 908-422-1541
Mr. Zinnah Wiles Uncle 571-575-2248
Mr. Clarence Kamara Uncle 443-866-0240
Mrs. Barbie Stewart Aunt 281-373-5967
Mr. Edison Zinnah Uncle 508-847-9289

Account for Family Contributions for the Home Going of Hawa Kpakah

Name on Acount: Ibnyansi Kpakah, AKA Gbessay (Brother of the Deceased)
Bank: Bank of America
Account Number: 004467609943
Tel: (301)466-5103

Contribution in Kind can be made to the Liberian Community Association of the Washington DC Area, LCA-DC

Association Contacts
Nee Allison President (703) 298-6794
Ernest Johnson Member of the Board of Directors (240)274-8286

This announcement was brought in by Ibinyansi Gbessay Kpakah and Elton Momo Kpakah, brothers; Zinnah Wiles, Clarence Kamara, and Eddison Zinnah, uncles of the deceased for the families.

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