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Business Portfolio - Elegant Essentials

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A Platform for Diverse News, Events and Ads from Home and the Diaspora
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Jande Freeman

Jande Freeman-Brewer - Owner

Elegant Essentials was establish due to my love for fashion. As a child growing up in Liberia(West Africa) I remember dressing up in my mother's clothes, shoes, and jewlery. Elegant Essentials is for women from all walks of life who enjoy looking their best without breaking the bank. As women we always put others needs ahead of our own, we sometimes loose ourselves while caring for our loveones.

"Making You Look Stylish In Our Unique Jewelry Is Our Business"

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Elegant Essentials is the place where you can celebrate yourself, a place where classy, style, sophistication, and beauty lives. We value our customers and enjoy meeting your needs, thanks for trusting us with your business!

Contact Information

Jande Freeman-Brewer - Owner
Company: Elegant Essentials
Phone #: (757) 310-9675
Website: www.elegantsentials.net
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