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Business Portfolio - Wilhelmina Hair Extensions

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Wilhelmina Hair Extensions

Hubert Benjamin

Dawn Russ - Owner

Wilhelmina Hair Extensions carries a Unique Quality of 100% Brazilian, Peruvian, Malasysian, and Bobbi Boss Indian Remi Virgin Hair. Our hair can be machine weft or hand weft per request and is guaranteed shed-free and reusable.

"Images from Wilhelmina Hair Extensions"

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The extensions come in several styles and categories:

Average weight 3.5 oz)

The colors consist of NATURAL & JET BLACK and have the potential to be dyed to any level of color of your choice

Our latest addition to our selection of extensions is the in demand "RAW" Indian Hair  which comes directly from the temples of South India.

Textures Include: Straight, Wavy, Curly

 ***With gentle care hair can last up to 16 months***

Hubert Benjamin

The Wilhelmina Hair Extensions Team

Basic Hair Care and Maintenance

You should care for your human hair extensions as if its your own hair. To maintain the hair's longevity follow these steps:

  • Shampoo hair at least once a week. (Highly recommended to use shampoo with a ph of 7)
  • To prevent detangling of the hair during washing avoid massaging.
  • Apply conditioner and comb hair starting with the ends working up to your scalp.
  • Use styling and such mousse gel and hairspray in moderation (alcohol free products).

Contact Information

Dawn Russ - Owner
Company: Wilhelmina Hair Extensions
Phone #: (615) 405-0787
Email: wilhelminaextensions@gmail.com
Website: http://www.wilhelminahair.com/
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